PrimeStore  MTM


PrimeStore MTM should not be used with the Hologic Panther System due to a disinfecting step involving bleach that is specific to that platform.  PrimeStore MTM, like most lysis buffers and nucleic acid purification reagents, contains Guanidine.  Bleach and guanidine create cyanide gas which is why most molecular lab protocols use ethanol based decontamination and cleaning solutions rather than bleach.    To take advantage of the microbial inactivation and RNA stabilization qualities of PrimeStore MTM, users can safely test on a wide variety of high throughput platforms from Roche, Thermo Fisher, Abbott, Siemens, Luminex, BioRad, PSS, Promega, and BioMerieux, as well as the Cepheid GeneXpert point of care platform.

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by Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics LLC

Nucleic Acid Quality Begins at the Moment of Collection: Better, Safer Sample Collection

  • ​Inactivates pathogens (including SARS-CoV-2*), proteins, and enzymes
  • Temperature stable shipping
  • Preserves RNA, DNA , mRNA for molecular testing
  • ​Compatible with most commercial silica based extraction technologies and molecular point of care platforms*
  • ​Extensive Intellectual Property (US, Europe, and Worldwide) 

*Data available on request

​New Data to Be Published by USDA Shortly on PrimeStore MTM and African Swine Fever ASF sample collection

PrimeStore MTM compatibility with GeneXpert MTB Ultra Cartridge​

New PrimeStore MTM Microbiome Paper

Detection by real-time PCR of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from oral swab specimens using PrimeStore molecular transport medium tb sample collection

*initial data suggests the MagMax Ultra extraction kits yield suboptimal nucleic acid from PrimeStore MTM