Sample Collection is one of the greatest challenges in the Developing World.  Whether in a remote village or a densely populated city, collecting a quality sample and transporting it in a safe a timely manner to a laboratory that can effectively test that sample using modern molecular platforms is a current challenge that is greatly alleviated by PrimeStore® MTM.

​PrimeStore® MTM has been used by researchers in remote regions of Nepal, India, China, South Africa, Ukraine, as well as densely populated cities such as Mumbai.  Human, animal, and plant samples shipped in PrimeStore® MTM consistently outperform other sample collection systems leading to more effective and accurate molecular testing.  Even where point of care systems such as the Cepheid GeneXpert MTB/RIF test is deployed, PrimeStore® MTM has demonstrated the ability to improve sensitivity in low copy samples and allow for the same sample to be transported for additional drug susceptibility testing (DST).  

Most pandemic diseases originate from the Developing World.   The ability to screen samples for novel and emerging pathogens using the most modern and accurate molecular tests is essential for early detection and action to prevent large outbreaks.